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RFI Mitigation

The RFI Mitigation category contains many articles dealing with the mitigation of RFI in the home, and in the field.  Includes articles on data capturing, Direction Finding, Loop construction etc.  Covers subjects such as how to record RFI levels, how to perform a full site survey looking for RFI, using SDR, how to clean up your shack of RFI generating devices, and many other articles…  Links to various other RFI mitigation sources are provided as well.

Review of ARRL Log Book of the World

The ARRL is currently sponsoring a program for exchanging QSL information in a secure way for use in obtaining various awards from the ARRL. This program is called “Logbook of the World”. The ARRL was late to the blocks in implementation, was first, however the ARRL decided to implement a tighter security model than eQSL. Hence eQSL ended up being on line earlier than LOTW. Continue reading »

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