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Review of “Amateur Radio Service/ARS”

Posted by on April 29, 2012

Review of “Amateur Radio Service/ARS”

I had occasion over the past few years to send a rig or two out for service…  I purchased an AL-82, which had an eaten up bandswitch.  After looking at what it entailed to change out the bandswitch, I elected to send it out for service.  Based on the weight of the AL-82, I wanted someone I could drop the amp off with, as opposed to shipping a 72 pound monster…

Amateur Radio Service repair shop

Amateur Radio Service repair shop

Looking around I found Amateur Radio Service, (ARS), a shop run out of a fellow hams home in the Portland Oregon area.  Being only 100 miles away, it became a candidate for  possible use as a service center for the AL-82.  I called Bud, and we chatted a bit…  He seemed a good sort, so I packed up the amp and drove to his shop.  The shop is not a workbench off of the operating position of his shack.  It is a full shop, not even connected to his home.  In short, it is a real business!  He looked at the amp, and said he would be able to replace the bandswitch.  In about 3 weeks, I got a call from Bud indicating that the amp was finished, and ready for pickup.  He apologized for the delay, but it took a week or so to get the replacement bandswitch from Ameritron.  Fast service!  I brought the amp home, and it has worked fine ever since…  This was about two years ago…

About a year ago, I purchased an Inrad roofing filter for my Icom 756 PRO III, with the intent of installing it…  After looking at the process, I decided to take it to ARS for install, I now need glasses to work on anything, and the size of the 756 PRO III PC boards is all that I can take anymore…  About two weeks later, I got a call from Bud, all finished…  The rig has performed flawlessly…

Of late my FT-900 lost a PLL…  Bud had a booth at the local ham fair, and convinced me he could fix it for a price that would not make me want to just parts the rig out, so I removed it from the car, and handed it to him.  A few months later I got it back, working.  As this was my mobile rig, I told Bud that I did not need it back ASAP, so he did not push the repair time.  So far so good, the rig seems to be working just fine…  I also expect it will continue to work, based on ARS’s past performance.

So this is three out of three successes, I will be taking any rig issue I have to ARS for repair in the future…  I looked at his work in the 756, and it looks good to me…  Clean, all wires dressed down neatly, etc.  Same for the AL-82.

His rates are good, he does not charge an arm and a leg for service, and what I got was a quality service job, for a reasonable price.  I am very happy with his level of service, and his rates.  ARS does not have a web site that I can locate, so the addition of a link is out of the question…  If interested, he can be contacted at (503) 554 8831 or email



I had occasion to use ARS again, my AL-82 ate the band-switch again…  Again, time-frame met, and problem was corrected…  Prices are reasonable, and Bud is a hoot to deal with!  Bud shows up at Rickreall with a lot of pretty good prices on used gear as well…


The FT-900 is still running fine…

2 Responses to Review of “Amateur Radio Service/ARS”

  1. Scott

    I disagree…. Bud Garside has had my radio for more than six months an still hasn’t done any work. He never answers the phone and only responds to email after weeks go by.
    This is NOT even poor customer service, that would mean SOMETHING was actually done.

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